Welcome to my personal website and blog.

I don’t have too much to say other than what I have been putting together in several books which I am working on and will be publishing soon. Life is an amazing thing.  It twists and turns, and progresses, then regresses, and after all of the ebbs and flows or expansions and contractions, we end up on a bed with a can at the base just within reach to be kicked as we exit this existence. All for that moment where we can see every decision brought us to that point; good and bad, difficult and easy, led us to that point in time.

What is the point?  Why the experience?  How do we apply our every actions to some type of thought or action which will be good for us?  When will we end better off than the beginning which started it? My hope is that for all people that answer will be positive, providing them with understanding of what joy can be experienced after the pain that led to it.

Many questions to consider I believe as well.  My goal has been, and continues to be the betterment of the human condition, but in a way which is individual in governance, yet common in experience…

What does that mean?  I can understand how it would seem a very odd statement when there are many definitions used to define individuality. Some speculative, like we are specs of star dust which are evolving here on this planet, or holographic images in a large virtualized existence in which we see what we want to see, or we are spirits brought into a vessel which drives us around time.  The list could go on and on, engineered humans, slaves to aliens, heavenly offspring, intelligences, grouped together in quantum leaps of consciousness all leading to one goal.

Some of these definitions are scientific, others metaphysical, some cosmic in origins, while others are completely materialistic but all holding to the same concept, which is, belief is required and reality is the result…

Grab a hold of the concept, and you will begin to see why I am writing the books which I am, and why I am beginning now more than ever to share with those around me, the thoughts and processes which drive people to do good.  These are not new concepts, nor are they my own, but simply those that have an application in life for ALL and not just a chosen few.  They apply to ALL not just a chosen few who were born to the right bloodlines or given the right opportunities in life.

I hope that you enjoy the site and any related links as you proceed in your journey of understanding.  Visit my blog page, and other pages, and enjoy the website….

I do not allow comments from strangers on this site, but if you would like to reach me and be approved for commenting, please email me at me – at – ouzounians-dot-com (I don’t want the spammers bothering me ;-)

May you be blessed.