This week’s discussion ended very interesting, reading about one of the new terms accepted by this industry, EI. Emotional Index is a very interesting topic. As interesting to me as is the affects of emotions in medicine.

I had a neighbor friend of ours who was an MD. Moved a few years ago, but while he was here, we had many conversations/debates about the benefits of modern western medicine. The great progress which wasĀ advancing the understanding of human reaction to external stimuli in the form of drugs, and chemical reactions under specific conditions.

As example of one of these discussions included advancements in the area of diabetes. A new dye was created, that once tattooed on a person’s body, would change color and appearance as the blood sugar levels of the individual changed, making it much easier for the individual to know when to take some insulin, and when to watch for conditions in the body that could lead to problems medically.

I find this advancement incredible, however it is still the reactive nature of western medicine that bothered me as far as the application of knowledge.

Applying the concepts of Emotion Index in this realm of organization, medical doctor to patient, it has become increasingly apparent that emotions greatly impact all aspects of life, but have very little interpretation biologically at all. How many of our illnesses and medical conditions are directly related to emotional components that can be effected or even controlled under the correct psychological conditions.

The same is true of Emotional Index in the workplace. Measuring emotions, and the intuitive abilities which are mastered by some and ignored by others become the key differentiator between these two individuals and how they advance in the workplace.

As they mentioned in the textbook, this field of study as an application of understanding organizational behavior is somewhat new and even more importantly, misunderstood as far as how deep our understanding of these key principles go. I have always been a very emotional person, in touch with my emotions, and able to control stress levels, social interplay between different personality types, and deadlines/demands with very little physical distress. At the same time I have watched other individuals who have worked along my side encounter health problems directly relating to the emotional detachment to work, or family due to work, etc.

It is very interesting to me, and a field of study that I am happy to see evolving to greater understanding.