I have been involved in business operations, development and sales for many years now. It has been very interesting to watch and see the results that come from values placed on different things in life.

What holds the greatest value to people?
Are these values enough to motivate action more than things of non-value?

Let me explain…

I consider a value to be something that hold an innate importance of benefit to the individual, and does not diminish with time, market changes, regulations, costs, etc. Values, in my mind, do not rely upon anyone, or anything that cannot be carried with me from this world to any other following world, and provide to me value there as well.

Not all people view values the same. Some people have values that rely more upon monetary gains or promotions of title to define value in their life. These are beliefs that govern action. Take for example the management team running Enron. They had a belief system that had a direct effect on their behaviors and decision making. It promoted within them actions that were unethical, dishonest, and even illegal, providing no moral value to them or those that they affected, but rather a monetary value for a fleeting moment.

Values are convictions or strong beliefs that lead to action. Not all beliefs will lead us to take strong action, but our values will dictate more strongly what actions will have benefit more than others.

People have to decide what what value they place on all experience in this life.

Organizations are the same. They will place importance on what values the most to them, by instating policies, procedures, and consequences that motivate demonstrate the values that the company believes in.

Examples of this are visible all over the place. Some companies strive for the greatest quality, and require test after test in order to certify that the highest quality is provided through their activities. Other companies motivate revenues as their singularly most important value by offering incentives, commissions, promotions, etc for those that sale the most. Many of these incentives will not provide any assurance that their customers are taken care of, but will celebrate the transaction itself.

In running an organization it is important to monitor and watch the actions of the organization to develop an understanding of the values that motivate their actions.