Motivation is a pivotal topic to research and study. It is a topic that has been highly researched and tested. There are very few reasons in my mind for this research. Throughout the history of the world, mankind has sought the most effective ways of controlling behavior.

The results?

Motivating behavior through systems of control (torts, regulations, policies, statutes, procedures, economics, etc) is much more peaceful than forcing control through any other means. It is pivotal to understand that peaceful cooperation between coworkers, companies, even nations is better motivated through cooperative understanding than any other means.

This has not always been the case of mankind. Throughout every age in which mankind has ever interacted, especially between different cultures and languages, force has been the preferred medium on the grand scale of things.

There have been the rare instances and epochs where individuals rose to challenge the systems of control put in place that did not motivate through cooperative influence, but rather through negative and violent impulse. Buddha, Christ, Gandhi, and many others throughout the history of the nations that have sought peace and cooperation instead of violent suppression and control.

The motivational factors accounted for in the theories offered by psychologists, philosophers, business executives, sociologists, integrate systems of cooperative control to edify the whole rather than violently control and oppress the masses.

Gandhi motivated his people through a system similar to Frederick Herzberg, but where his view of humanity was positive. He knew that man was innately good, and sought for peace and cooperation. The only way of dealing with those that did not work cooperatively was to peacefully disobey. No other moderation between differing behavioral factions had as great a power as loving the enemy of the individual, with a desire to cooperate with them, and in doing so, helping them to see the greater value of cooperating instead of controlling.

It is very important to understand, however, that if the same values are not shared between company and individual, and policies are set to take advantage of the employee, setting him up to be controlled by the systems of control, it will still demotivate and reduce the productive utility that could have been otherwise seen from the individual employee.

I am not a big believer in Capitalism. Yes, I agree that money is not the motivating factor always, but it is unfortunately the required medium to survive in the system of economics that govern the nations. It is this system of control that still prevents people from exercising the intrinsic desires within mankind that would otherwise govern their actions and participation in any system of motivational cooperation.

I actually feel the same as Daniel Pink, in the sense that money is not the determining factor, but only because the ideal currency to be spent between people, motivating trade, cooperation, and innovation, is the utility and cooperation of mankind.

Money is a perverting factor in the end, and those that try to control (and have tried to control throughout the ages), can only control to the extent that people give them power to control.

I anticipate an age when the currency that will be spent between people, whether that is in a local community or a global community, will be emotions of love support, charity and wellbeing for mankind in general, and that will be what is traded and shared between the transactions of mankind in a future time once the collective consciousness of mankind matures to an understanding that merits this level of cooperation.