Perceptions and beliefs create the paradigm by which one makes decisions. Perceptive individuals that rely more upon the feelings that they have, but are able to moderate those feelings with a cognitive understanding, are much more effective in leadership.

My brother is and has always been a very intelligent individual. His cognitive abilities have always been a standard by which my parents expect me to live. The problem is that I am much more emotional than him. My emotional intelligence is what has driven and directed me. We are brothers that function on two different ends of the spectrum.

Emotional intelligence still lacks measurement, and has not been a quantifiable skill that is used to measure the value or worth of employees in the work place. In this case, however, these skills have always left me a much happier individual able to connect with many people in ways that have increased my potential in the workplace further than any other cognitive skill which I possess.

Perceptions are pivotal in all forms of management, including customer management. Judgements about the character of people and their character are so dangerous in business relations and customer service. Perception should never be relied upon to the extent that anyone is judged to a degree that would impact the organization negatively.

We are always going to be required to judge situations, however judging people and their motives can be a dangerous activity in the workplace. Theories defining the action of judging and justifying its use in business as in Attribution theory can be a very slippery slope, as it can leave a very negative experience for the judge party.

Decisions, therefore have to be metered with a humble bias toward cooperation, being able to review and perceive any problems that might exist while not meting out any judgement against anyone. Too many times are stories shared with coworkers about other coworkers or even customers about other coworkers or customers.

Perceiving ramifications or actions including the judgements that are being declared as necessary within this chapter, are very important in the workplace, and should be reinforced in training and support of employees at all times.