Communication is the Holy Grail of any effective team, group, organization, company, etc. – MEANING – in order to achieve greater efficiency, finding the right manner of communication to enable all members of the organization to work cooperatively results in the greatest benefit.

Communication is one of the most important ways of enhancing performance, understanding responsibility dynamics and how to manage employee expectations. When expectations are managed properly, team members will perform better, find more satisfaction, and work with more consideration of other and of the tasks at hand.

It has been my experience in work, internally as well as in customer relationship management, that the key to the greatest success is centered around expected experience versus actual experience. Ones perception does have a key affect in this relationship, however perception is based around one’s upbringing and life experiences. A single event can be viewed in two completely different paradigms, thereby making it so that a single event can result in two completely different accounts of the same event.

When true communication exists and there are fewer variables that are left at one’s discretion to interpret. Undefined variables (human thought unverbalized) can be very destructive in the sense that those left to interpret intentions, motivations, and their application into real activity will define those variables in a multitude of different ways.

As an example, what if Enron’s chief executive actually told his accounting department that they needed to “reconcile” all of their accounts, and the accounting department, knowing of the number of inconsistencies that they had caused decided that the best way to reconcile would be to shred all of their documents…?

OK, that is a little bit of a stretch, but nonetheless, variables caused by context of a situation causing a statement/directive from a manager, thoughts/intentions/motives that were not communicated effectively or other types of variables can cause serious error.

Imagine telling Ted Bundy (infamous for his role as a cereal killer in the 70’s) that you needed him to rip her (your ex-girlfriend) a new one, that might not end as you had intended, but just as you had communicated to him.

It is important to be very careful of what is going to carry with it the best action among those that cannot read your thoughts, to be sure and share all of the thoughts you have with those that you are working with so that there is less room for error and misinterpretation.