Lead sinks, leaders rise. There is no lead in leadership. True leaders find intrinsic value in what they are doing. They master their subject, learn it inside and out. They study, research, ponder and prove their knowledge through their ability to outperform the rest.

There is a rule that is held to quite readily in business called the 80/20 rule. It is a very solid rule. you will find leadership qualities in 20% of your employees, and that 20% of your employee base will provide 80% of the value to the company, and 80% of the impact felt overall will be due to this 20%.

The sad truth about this statistic, is that management needs to have them in the trenches working as the leaders in order to maintain the lifestyles that they want. This is not always the case, but most of the time, it turns out to be the average that is seen most readily in the corporate sector.

Leaders that turn to management do not always succeed in management. They are not always pitted to be the best managers just because they know the best ways to succeed. Management does not always translate out to good leaders either. Many organizations have very introverted management, and the extroverts are the ones on the front lines making the day-to-day successful. Making business happen, and company goals proceed in a forward movement.

What is important however is that a company value those leaders properly. Many of them will be happy with a simple acknowledgement, recognizing their incredible work and stellar performance. Many others will look at the cold hard cash as the reward they seek for satisfaction. There are still others that will never be satisfied, since what they want they will never fully have, and that is a challenge which they cannot overcome. A challenge that threatens to elude their peace. Such challenges can tame, obtain mastery over the leader and turn them into a good manager, possibly, at times even a good team player, humble, confident in themselves and their teammates. It may make them compassionate of others.

I do not say this to insinuate that the qualities of leaders are for the most part bad, or selfish, or thoughtless, or inconsiderate, or a thousand other ors that lead to negative emotion, but many leaders are viewed as such simply because they lead. They do not look back, or look low, but always look high, to the skies, no fear of flying, no matter how far the fall may be if they were to fall.

True leaders fly and hope that others will follow and find no fear in leaving the low grounds to follow the desires of their hearts. I have known many leaders. Leaders who step on people to make it to the top, and other leaders that take a hand and bring them along for the ride.

If you have seen a leader in yourself, what will you do, take as many with you as possible, or leave them all behind for hear that they might fly higher than you. Is it a bad thing to see someone fly so high….