True politics involves no power, but instead control; self control.

I wish that all politicians understood this. Why don’t they. I have narrowed it down to the bullies out there. As a youth I was involved in many different fights. Swinging fists, playing dirty games of ball, aiming low to take out my opponent, until the day that I realized that I was only doing this out of spite for the bullies.

I have an older brother, out of 8 sisters. He is my only brother. He was not perfect, however even in his imperfection, was so much a greater man than half of the bullies that bothered him in junior high and high school.

What causes a person to bully another? International relations has brought the level of international bullying down to a reasonable level, only because bullying has changed its venue. Its original venue was seen in colosseums, next to lions. Or it was seen in crusades, holocausts, genocides, and wars. Bullies were then as bullies are now, control freaks. The only problem, that they have not understood that the best control to have is self control. Control over oneself.

It is sad that nowadays, people talk about Christ, and his memory is one tied, forevermore, to religion. It would benefit all of society if they opened their eyes to his teachings. He was the single most incredible politician every to walk the Earth. Read Gandhi, and you will see that he clearly understood this. He practiced the same politics as Christ under the religion of Hinduism. The result the same as that of Christ; Martyred. He was assassinated, killed for his belief in humanity. A belief founded in the good nature of mankind instead of the bad nature of mankind.

Politics of a selfish nature, driven by personal gratification or personal gain ends in nothing good for society.

It is the same in any organization. Looking at the scalar nature of this world, we cannot look at the Earth and its inhabitants with any other view than that we would equally share with our family, work, church, neighborhood, environment, etc. We share this earth. Where I walk now people have walked before me. Where I walk now will be walked by others that follow me.

In the company I work at right now, it is filled with politics. I do not strive well in environments where there are politics. I can politick just like any other, however my politicking is straight forward, honest, and unbiased. It is with an eye single to the glory of all, not just myself. I therefore work hard, for the benefit of all and the detriment of my loved ones that patiently deal with my optimism in mankind choosing the high road.

It does not happen often. I have had to hire and fire people, and feel sad at the loss that is felt by some that are let go, however it is necessary at times, when growth is offered, but refused. In organizations like I work right now, I provide my very best and remain with integrity, so that I can sleep well at night, and that is the most important thing that I can do. I love my sleep as well.