What an amazing general conference this October’s conference was, of 2015. It is a 6 month period of time between general sessions of the church conference convened each year. It is a semi-annual event, which happens near the spring equinox (Easter time), the first Sunday of April each year, and then at the fall equinox, the first Sunday of each October.

This year, the first in over 100 years (last experienced in 1903) there were 3 apostles of God who passed away in that 6-month interval between the April and October conferences. Hearing 3 different apostles speak to a congregation of over 15 million members, testify of their convictions in such a humble and devout manner, was touching to my heart. No matter the dogma which is used to motivate action, a humble and heart-felt approach to assuming and exercising that responsibility is amazing.

I am humbled at the thought that there are individuals in this world that would kneel and pray for me, work and act in benevolence to me and my family, even intervene in ways that are spiritual and faithful (believing that their thoughts and actions no matter how remote would have affect) would spend that much of their life in our service. To consider themselves the small and simple things which our God would use to bless the lives of His children on this Earth.

Today was a precious example of the peculiar nature of God’s priesthood. It does not follow the nature of man, but shows the wisdom of a nature higher than that of this earth. Man’s nature can be improved upon. Over 6 thousand years of improvement since Adam was placed on this Earth, mankind is now a much better, higher motivated being than it was in ages past. There has also been so much progress since then due to this. It is a testament that following the higher nature of God will create generations of man that are able to overcome the base natureĀ of man’s attempt to survive at the expense of others.

Remember, if we can view all people as if they were children, and see them through the eyes of an unconditional parent who loved them as they grew, we will find it much easier to act out of love and compassion always.