Christ Praying over the Children in America

The Prophet of the Restoration

Christ's Descent to His Other Sheep in America

The Gold Plates, by Ancient American Prophets

We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet

The Book of Mormon is the surest foundation of God’s true love for the world that there is. As such it is the most amazing confirmation of the Birth, Life/Death, and Resurrection of Christ that exists, to date. It speaks peace to my heart and mind, and provides much deeper context surrounding ALL of Christ’s teachings.
I am sure that I will receive greater insights into the mysteries of God. The last time I read the book, there were incredible insights learned about the secret combinations of Gadianton, and how it was made effective among the children of men.
Elder Neal A Maxwell included some marvelous facts, comparisons, and testimonies regarding the translation of the gold plates and the unbelievable divinity with which they were printed. It took Joseph Smith 65 working days to translate an unknown language to what we have in the Book of Mormon today. It is the most amazing and divine act of Heavenly Intervention that has been, and when considered – a book of truth preserved by those who lost, a destroyed people, I love this gospel, and the Book of Mormon defines it clearly and succinctly for me.