The Prayer of the RIghteous

The Record of their Covenants

Christ's Covenants Fulfilled

In my religion class at BYU Idaho, we have been studying First and Second Nephi, from the Book of Mormon. These are some of my favorite books in all of scripture. This week we studied the chapters of Isaiah from Nephi’s writings, and then his interpretation of them.

The most important concept that I want to reinforce is that Nephi had seen our day. He looked into the future with the Lord and His angels, and was given the vision of this time. He was able to see from the beginning to the end. Knowing the future events that would transpire among the House of Israel. He identified the different peoples of the latter-day Americans that would be involved in the restoration of the house of Israel in the last day, as well as the restoration of Zion.

In our class gathering, one of the members of the class, after reading Chapters 20 and 21, that there would be a righteous branch that would be restored and called to gather Israel in the latter-days. Ephraim and the mixture of his seed through the lineage of Lehi, carried with it the patriarchal lineage promised to remain on the Earth in perpetuity, and was promised through the see of Joseph, Lehi’s last-born, 2Ne 3:3-5.

I love the covenants of the Book of Mormon and call to humble ourselves, being of the Gentile Nations. We need to humble ourselves and begin to work to support the great efforts of the Native Americans who are the remnant of the House of Israel. We have much repenting to do to unite with the righteous branch of Israel (2Ne 10:1 & 1Ne 14:20-25).