About Me

Hello, and welcome to this website.  My name is Vartan, this is a bit about life as I see it.  I have considered the great and diverse talents of my siblings throughout the years. As you grow up, your surroundings are what seems normal. If you grew up conversing with a Einstein, there would be a bit of a warped perception of what is normal. Being surrounded with great events, personalities, talents, circumstances, name it what you want; if those talents are commonplace, normal life for you is one of abundance for others.

I grew up with 9 siblings (8 girls and my one brother). I just looked at them as my brother and sisters. As time has advanced and taught me more and more about what normal is. I often think quietly to myself how I wish that I could share some of their talents with the world.

It is with this in mind that I have started a website which is devoted to my family, our traditions, the diverse talents, knowledge, and abilities which they might be able to share with you the visitor. We love histories. We love collaboration. We love to love those around us. In my immediate family, we love the following quote from Kung Fu Panda….

“…yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the ‘present’.”

Our family is much greater than just those that we live with. Our family extends into beliefs, practices, principles to live by. Reflecting on my youth, and growing up, there were always those friends from outside of the family that were made part of our family. We accepted them as a fundamental part of our social structure. We want all who find any value in this site – to enjoy, join in, and participate as part of our family.



I include this because of my philosophy on life.  I believe that we can overcome the nature which we have been bullied into believing and more devastatingly practicing – to want more, while so many others have less all around. I try as hard as I can to live – as all things common.  This means that all things are common to each other. It is our responsibility to share all that we have with those around us so that all have opportunity for betterment in life. I believe it is possible.  I surround myself with those that believe it is possible.

We welcome you to join as well and appreciate your time and interest in this website.  We love life, and love living it, and love living it with all around us.  God bless you in every way, and give you the greatest of success. May this success only reinforce the happiness you have already found in yourself.