Life in a nutshell…

Information is abundant, however answers are few and far between.  What philosophy can be applied to life that would help to answer those questions which are highly sought after, but hard to find?

If the question is, what philosophy is there that can be applied to life which can bring about the answers you seek, then you would have to ask both, what is life (conceptually), and what philosophies exist now versus those that have yet to be proposed, which are actually true. Does it seem like I am running circles, perhaps when treating this subject of life philosophy, but still a topic which plagues the mind of all people, no matter the station or position of each individual.

Man takes action based upon a belief to which he can subscribe truth. Every thought developed, action taken, and experience gained stems from a belief upon which one can attribute a cause to act.  Prior to the action was first a belief that the action would give a desired result. The belief which creates this desire in us is the defining force upon which drives our experience and pushes us forward. Therefore, it is first and foremost a principle of belief from which we will derive any notion of what life really is and from which we will obtain any notion of truth that can give us answers to our life’s most important questions. So ponder on what you believe.  What do you believe that causes you to act, desire to do more, or experience what defines your belief? What is life, but a series of experiences? What are experiences, but a series of actions made to experience a belief? What is belief, but a choice made to accept something as true, seen or unseen.

Truth is self evident. It is principled, structured, and ordered. Truth makes it possible to experience cause and effect, action and reaction, responsibility and accountability. The organization of truth defines our experience to the extent that truth is the essence of our belief. If we choose to align ourselves with beliefs which are not based on truth, that hold no true consequential order in the organization of the universe, than that belief will result in failure, inaction, or lack of power. Truth must accompany us in every action if we are to find the answers to life’s most meaningful questions, and it is upon those principles of truth that we can obtain the answers to life’s most meaningful questions. So life, being a set of experiences which occur from the actions taken out of our decisions, is still based upon our belief, and the consequences of our beliefs are captured with each decision we make.

Truth will not rob another. What is true for one is true for all. As simple as the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, sharing the good that comes into one’s life with those around them will only increase the cumulative good that there is in the world. Equally, while suffering exists in the world, one who has good in the world will never fully feel satisfied of the good they have until those that are suffering will also have more good. One cannot experience such good while seeing the suffering of another, and not feel for him desire to help lift him to equal standing. The connection which exists between both good and bad in this world is a pivotal ingredient in allowing for each person to review their circumstances and find how it can help those around them to learn truth. In this life, unless we are applying this principle of truth, we are cannot fully connect with what joy truly is.

There is always an opposition in all things.  As there is to act, there exists also to be acted upon, as there would be no dark with out light, peace without pandemonium, male without female, and so on in all the Universe. This principle is the most important. Good will always exist while bad is present. Righteousness will present itself in majestic glory while evil abounds in the most gruesome and horrendous of visions. It is still the responsibility of all persons, who of this life are partakers, to decide what their belief is, and act accordingly. Their experiences are their own. The consequences of their actions are their to own.  No matter what the force on this earth compelling one to decide in their favor, the decision is still the one’s, and the consequence will not be sequestered by another.  There is no right and wrong, but rather consequences.  The term ‘right’ has simply, out of LOVE for each of us, been given title to actions which will lead to good and joyful consequences, while its counterpart ‘wrong’ has only been labeled to give meaning to the opposite of joyful consequence.  Trials and difficulties in this life are a necessity and are the tool by which we learn.  One who despises the ‘hand which was dealt’ denies the power of choice which in him dwells, and rebels against the consequences which could have otherwise been the blessing which he needed to receive in order to find the joy of future circumstance.  Enjoy the walk of life, even when your walk requires that you climb the highest peak, you road will be a joyful down on the other side. If we have our eyes open at all times, metered with an air of learning, then no matter the circumstance, we can learn the greatest lessons from such experience.

Fifth, and final…
Life is eternal.  As eternal as the elements are, and as the universe is, all of which we are a part is eternal.  Time is the commodity of experience, and the item upon which all of life is based.  Time is given for us to learn to govern ‘self’ with responsibility.  Breathing in every minute of the day, having the sensation of youth, the management of maturity, and wisdom of age is what brings a more complete understanding of our individual series of experiences. Those who come next will pass through these same opportunities to learn, and being able to prepare them is our responsibility.  No other task, responsibility and privilege can be greater than to expect that those who come after will be wiser, more prepared and happier with the consequences of their life than you were when you passed through yours.

Philosophy in short:
I look at my life as a series of decisions, experiences, and their consequences, nothing more.  The consequences for our actions will bring awareness of those whom we have touched (for good or bad), awareness of truth, and awareness of what we could have done differently to have experienced better this life which was given us as a gift. This, the greatest of gifts given us by our mother and father.  Gratitude will always be required for those to whom we owe this gift.  Live for every decision and its consequences as though that moment were eternity, and watch the world around you change.  Listen to the ancient, the wise, the experienced and learn from their decisions so that you can experience the great blessing of living with no regret and no remorse. Then stand at the crossroads so when others pass by, they will know the road which will make all of the difference.