We spend the majority of our life working. The motto I live by is that our life can be measured by how unified we are in our actions no matter the circumstances. Whether I am alone or accompanied by others, my actions will stay true to who I am at all times. This integrity is what brings stability, utility, and deliberation to every decision and the action which follows.

My Portfolio is unashamed. It is who I am at every point in my journey through life. I do not believe in separation of identity, mainly because I identify every part of my life with the same levity. Some of my greatest achievements were not based on revenue (though in many cases that was the natural result), but on the purpose behind it that helped define why we pushed to achieve it.

This site has been around for many years, however I am just beginning to include along with it the achievements that I identify with, and that I consider to be worthy of a portfolio. Please forgive the fact that it is not complete, in fact just beginning, however it will begin to capture the journey that has brought me to you.

Please enjoy, and feel free to comment or communicate with me if you like.